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Hiking Tours

Hi! Meet me, Bine, a young woman from Germany, living in this beautiful valley. It was love at first sight!

Would you like to join me for a walk and let me introduce you to my greatest passion?

Ready to explore the area on foot?

As a hiking guide, I received training from the German Alpine Association (DAV). I can lead you on leisurely tours in the valley and along the river. I am experienced in guiding through the mountains on trails marked with blue and red. While I am not an alpinist, I am a nature enthusiast and a gourmet. There's no need to hurry. Let's savor the beauty of the surroundings and allow it to rejuvenate us.


Yoga and Meditation

Join me for yoga and meditation amidst the woods, mountains, and by the river. Be prepared to also

discover a newfound love, as you are sure to find peace—guaranteed.

Move your body and mind

We can do it inside or outside. I can come to your residence, or I'll find us a quiet place in nature. You can choose to book both yoga and meditation, or just one of the two. If you have a travel mat or a suitable towel, we can even combine it with a hike. There are no limitations, only numerous options. Let your body, mind, and soul ease into this beautiful and peaceful environment. Feel your senses sharpen, your heart being soothed...


+49 157 332 332 99



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