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Homestay & community

As the project is still under development, we offer travellers the opportunity to stay for free in our community as part of our future non-profit project.

We need all the help we can get from like-minded people who share our values and believe in what we are trying to achieve.

Come and help us build our sustainable tourism project !

Aligned with Slovenia’s approach to sustainable tourism, we believe that tourism in the valley should not only develop in a way that does not harm nature and the environment but also that it should benefit the local communities.

We want to have a positive social impact through projects for the local community.

We also plan to run non-profit activities, ranging from sustainability-related activities, crafts workshops, meditation and yoga as well as promoting art and culture in the valley.

Community & homestaying at Ecoparalodge

With this project, we are creating a dynamic community gathered around common values.


Travellers are warmly welcome to join our community.





build a pizza oven
work on the house
decoration of the oven

A few snapshots of our 2022 season

If you are interested in joining our community and staying with us at our place and want more information on our ongoing projects: