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Our Lodge in Soca Valley, Slovenia

The Valley

The lodge is nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by lush, green mountains and just a short walk away from the stunning river.  


Soča River,
unique emerald color 

The color comes from the small particles of bedrock suspended in the water (the rock flour) which reflects more green and blue when hit by the light. 

Seeing these colors in mountains, lakes and rivers is quite frequent. What makes the Soca River special is that it retains the color throughout all its length, since the whole region is mainly limestone and marl deposits!

The House

Built in the 1921, this house has lots of character and plenty of fantastic views of the surrounding landscape. The original 18th century farm house still exists attached to the main home.  

The Food

At the lodge, we share delicious homemade food sourced from our garden or from local farms. At each meal, visitors come together like a family; exchanging recipes, enjoying Slovenian gastronomy and exchanging stories around the table. Come and share what we have to offer!

The Bedrooms

Each room is uniquely decorated, gets plenty of natural light and invites a good night's sleep.